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iconic wobble

The Hokki stool by VS is a true original, with an innovative design that allows you to easily and safely move without tipping over.
The iconic wobble creates added motion and balance, making it easy for children – and adults – of all ages to be more engaged and focused.

attitude adjustment

Designed with an ergonomically-curved seat shell, the Hokki stool ensures correct spinal alignment and balance that prevents cramped and stilted postures while sitting.
The wobble motion and support for the spine and posture make for superior focus, natural breathing, and improved mental agility.

hello durability

100% recyclable, and constructed with stable and highly scratch-resistant polypropylene, each Hokki stool is made with the highest quality materials that make them as safe and durable as possible.
Lightweight, stackable, and equipped with an innovative hang on desk feature, the Hokki stool is perfect for maximizing space.

the real deal

newest addition to our family

Meet our newest Hokki – the height-adjustable Hokki+®. The Hokki+ is extremely stable but also exceptionally lightweight and can be handled with ease. Its gas spring height adjustment results in overall stability and the adjustment mechanism can be triggered from any position.

the class favorite

When picking out furniture for your modern classroom, consider the seat preferred by parents, teachers, and kids alike. With an appealing design focused on safety and well-being, the Hokki stool will have your students happy to take their seats.

prime parking spot

Light enough to travel from desk to meeting space, the Hokki ensures you’ve always got a seat at the conference table. And since we at VS know that bodies in motion make for minds in motion, the Hokki stool is a valuable tool in promoting collaboration, focus, and creativity.

homework helper

Ideal for both work and play, the Hokki stool allows a free range of motion with comfortable support, making it appropriate for a range of activities. And for added convenience, the Hokki ships in one piece with no assembly required.

for minds of all sizes

The Hokki stool comes in four separate fixed heights and two height-adjustable Hokki+ sizes.

Available heights are 12", 15", 18", 20", 15-19 ¾”, and 19 ¾-26 ¾”.

color outside the lines

The Hokki stool comes in an array of vibrant, contemporary colors including red, multiple shades of blue, as well as neutral white and black grey.

Available only on the 18" and 20" Hokki, and both Hokki+ sizes.